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Salt Budapest

SALT Fine Dining Restaurant, with its International gastronomical appeal, made the design challenge for Dóra and Leon an exciting and aspirational one. Throughout the development of the design concept, experimentation and the quest for finding new ways in design, were crucial. This matches the gastronomical aspiration of experimentation and the quest for finding new ways with food. The main goal was to keep guests entertained in a novel way by the augmentation and positioning of an open-view kitchen inside the guest dining area, through the chef’s serving counter. Presenting the chefs inside of the dining space initiates an exciting position that goes beyond the typical open-plan kitchen statements. In this concept, design and architecture follows the strategic functions of gastronomy. Pure, natural, bold materials, clean textures and finishes which  are easy to define, meet in this high volume space. The use of carefully selected materials always plays a significant role in design, and managing it with conscious integrity during the design phases, and these principles have been most important to Leon and Dóra.

Wooden floor finishes and steel and glass elements integrate into the ancient wall structures of the arched spaces, with a striking contrast of old and new. A variety of metal surfaces were used from hot rolled mild steel, copper and brass to stainless steel, resulting in a rich range of colours and textures and creating a particularly warm  atmosphere. Traditional values of the original architecture were juxtaposed and reinforced with sleek Norman Foster pendant  light  fittings and innovations in lighting by the designers’ vision. For example, the velvet upholstered chairs from Gubi were chosen by the VITRIN team to build up tactile sensations. In creating this space, Dóra and partner, Leon Saven have created a venue matching the highest aspirations, where excellence in design and food go hand in hand.

CATEGORY Restaurant

DATE 2019

TEAM Leon Saven | Solinfo

PHOTO Tamás Bujnovszky | Gergő Gosztom

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