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Fast Casual Restaurant




260  m2




CO-DESIGNERS György Zsigmond


Tamás Bujnovszky

Fruccola is a chain of fast casual restaurants focusing on healthy, sustainable and convenient cuisine. As a pioneer of the health food movement in Hungary, Fruccola is always looking to push the envelope with its latest develompents. Their newly opened restaurant in Buda’s MOM Park was designed to be a family-friendly community space, drawing inspirations from nature and the unique color palette of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Designed by Dóra Fónagy and the studio behind her, the restaurant encompasses a large open space in the northern corner of a busy shopping center in one of the capital’s business districts. Upon entrance, visitors are greeted by a large-scale view of the restaurant’s immediate surroundings, thanks to the full-height glass wall, which not only provides ample natural light but also blurs the line separating inside and outside. This combined with the lower table height and the comfortable soft seating positions is what allows the rear of the restaurant to serve as a ‘picnic’ spot, referencing the atmosphere of classic outdoor picnics.

The front part of the restaurant stands in slight contrast to the rear. With more conventional 90cm tables, it is designed to feel natural for a quick lunchtime bite for the workers of the area’s numerous office complexes. The treated concrete surfaces add to the natural feel of the space and also serve as a stabilizing force in Fruccola’s colorful design language. The counter and payment positions are designed to be easily glanceable, giving visitors every important information to help with their decision. The freshly-made salads and freshly-squeezed juices take center place, staying true to Fruccola’s spirit of health and happiness.

The graphics in the interior also serve as a focal point in the design. Abstract forms painted on the floor and walls lend some dynamism and movement to the space and act as a continuation of the natural color palette. By extension, the colorful furniture from HAY, Magis and Pedrali also becomes part of the graphic identity. A mixed-media graphic mural depicts each and every part of the Fruccola supply chain, from the founders all the way to the suppliers and contractors involved in their network, serving as a triumphant reminder of what an active community of thinkers and innovators can accomplish.



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