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Baraka Budapest

As an inseparable unit of gastronomy and design, Baraka’s newest catering unit was born in the neighborhood of the Dorottya Palace. The narrow guest space, which extends deep inside the house, is divided into three units. This space garland is opened by a bar placed on the street front, the most important element of which is the counter, which appears as a single horizontal plane in the space. The thick solid wood board represents the community-building power of the table around us. A softly lit consumer space in a sheltered position is the venue for dinner. A key element of Dora’s design strategy is the meeting of the dish makers and their guests. The entire surface of the opposite wall is filled with a corrugated paper installation of MOLO, which, when used on such a scale, becomes an architectural structure. With its dim lights, it evokes the representative inner courtyard of the neighboring Dorottya Palace. The huge mirrors placed opposite the glass wall of the kitchen create rich reflections. The emphatically homely lounge is wedged between the bar and the restaurant. The designer layered the interior with a combination of sophisticated materials: wood, genuine leather, and hot rolled steel. The paintings of Richárd Orosz enrich the space with handicrafts that are also valid in gastronomy, giving it a basic atmosphere similar to a salon. The restaurant's logo is also a graphic and sculptural work.

CATEGORY Restaurant

DATE 2015

TEAM Richárd Orosz

PHOTO Zsolt Batár

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