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Kludi Construma '18

The venue was very characterful because it is a double corner place. This stand position is a huge opportunity for communication because it is a space that can be accessed from 3 sides. Since this is one big space, it was worth characterizing the identity of the Kludi as an inviting community space. When it comes to Kludi as a brand, quality is unquestionable. Sales communication was also important at the show. We created a terrain of copper blocks from which the internal components of the faucets are made, which we do not even see. These are high-level reliable technologies that raise awareness. We formulated this through a direct, playful space design, an installation that unlocks the exhibition stand. Based on the essential value of this, the stand was able to further thematize the displays. The dimension of these hall spaces also has a unique possibility in terms of ceiling height. We made the most of the opportunity to communicate in space, so with this architectural scale adapted to the scale of the hall, we were able to form a very conscious position. We chose the color blue because of Kludi and the color of the sky. We created the natural medium with a blue sky symbol. Even when illuminated, it created a very lovable feeling. They were able to raise awareness and inspire current trends. The goal was to engage people in the space and provide an experience factor that goes beyond brand awareness. The Kludi relax feeling of life was realized by involving nature.

CATEGORY Installation

DATE 2018

TEAM György Zsigmond

PHOTO Gergő Gosztom

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