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Radnóti Tesla Labor

Tesla Labor and Radnóti Theatre presented new, progressive challenges and dynamics to Dóra and Leon, with an opportunity to employ forward thinking ideas and experiments. The word ‘labor’ refers  to a homely workshop, it also suggests a social, yet pensive place. The goal was to create a  peaceful, harmonic and inviting  space, with a concept developed around a social lounge which supports the pleasure of new experiences for the audience and at the same time, remains an active working environment  for the actors. And so it provides a reliably tranquil and neutral space where one can think freely. With a limited budget, the design intervention was optimized by inviting a select  team of manufacturers and suppliers to the project. in true Radnóti style, the convivial creative team brought  this concept to fruition in a very short period of time and with great success.


DATE 2019

TEAM Leon Saven | Solinfo

PHOTO Gergő Gosztom

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