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Nagybányai út

In a multi-storey condominium in Buda, a two-storey, 172 sqm apartment with a very good orientation, a lovely garden and a beautiful view of the Buda hills, gives the ideal opportunity to create a new, family home. The direct garden connection on the ground floor, as an extension of the living room, further increases the communal space formed by the kitchen-dining room. It was important for Dóra to create a spacious, bright space, which has a lovable aura, where a common, active space was made for a family with two children. The guest room/home office has therefore been given a double-leaf glass/steel sliding door, which further expands the space. As the sun shines, the more neutral, restrained foundations are brought to life by consciously chosen upholstery, paintings, plants and colorful furniture. Upstairs, in the colored boxes integrated into the space, the doors blend seamlessly into the space. The parent’s bedroom at the end of the corridor opens onto a spacious terrace higher up, which further enhances the panoramic experience. With a double, double-leaf door extending the hallway, the entire upper level is gently energized by the space and by connecting the bedroom to the hallway and terrace, and with the restrooms having large glass windows, a combined, large relaxing space concept has been created.

CATEGORY House Interiors

DATE 2020

TEAM György Zsigmond

PHOTO Gergő Gosztom

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