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Dice Apartments

Dice Apartments could take shape with the help of Dóra and her design team. The organizing principle of the project was the owner’s passion for board games, which also laid the foundation for the interior design and image plan. Due to the integrated working method, the design strategy runs uniformly throughout the whole project, presenting Dice Apartments as an independent brand.The ground floor is bright, multi-windowed, while the basement with its raw stone wall surfaces tends to create a sense of intimacy. A total of 7 studio apartments are located on two floors, each with its own bathroom and kitchen. White and bare stone walls provide a neutral backdrop for the brightly colored furniture. The equipment is modular, the functional units are marked in one color, that is why the kitchen has become green in each room, while the shelf system has turned pink and so on. This kind of striking color management also evokes the world of board games, where each participant identifies with a color in the game.


DATE 2016

TEAM Grace Grotesk | Richád Orosz

PHOTO Tamás Bujnovszky | Gergő Gosztom

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