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Fat Mamam Eatery

The main space organizing element of Fat Mama Eatery is the long counter, which is due to the double function of the place - during the day they operate as a canteen, but in the evening drinks come to the fore. The entrance side of the counter covers an open kitchen, while at the far end it advances into a classic bar counter. The soul of the kitchen is an old Bertha oven, in order to maintain the spirit of the place, it is essential that guests have a glimpse behind the scenes in this way - the layout is also a subtle reference to the serving system of traditional canteens. The functions are also separated in the guest space: visitors can settle down next to two long tables - thanks to which the meal is forged into a communal experience. In addition to the entrance, a few smaller tables and lounge chairs complete the interior to the delight of those who would consume dishes prepared in a 500-degree oven in a more intimate setting. The rawness of the long tables and benches is somewhat dissolved, and counterbalanced by the textile-covered chairs that make the space more cozy. The crown for the living-room-like atmosphere is the wedge of Fat Mama, a dominant visual element, the wonderful Persian rug of the family of one of the owners.

CATEGORY Restaurant

DATE 2015

TEAM Richárd Orosz

PHOTO Tamás Bujnovszky

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