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During the designing of the Boriroda, Dóra participated in the formulation of the so-called social-place innovation. A decisive factor in the development of the concept was that the notion of gastronomy integrates in itself the wine culture and is connected to fine dining. Thus, this project is the owner of this knowledge and accordingly the place functions as a community space according to the latest trends. Next to the business lounge a wine room is placed. It is a showcase-like space that is partially enclosed, so it has the same function and character as when we use a showcase in our homes. Here, the wine selection that Boriroda represents is presented. Dóra expanded the space with glass mirror surfaces and steel shelving systems. Familiarity was an important consideration during the design process, as the place is tied to specific individuals where it is important to maintain personality and homeliness. Those wineries which all look back on several decades of family traditions and are represented by Boriroda, all point in this direction. However, the room is multifunctional - the goal was to maintain this family atmosphere during a friendly tasting or a specific performance. The chairs chosen for the space were picked out by a team from the selection of Vitrin and are integrated into the concept as graphic elements. The lighting system as well as the graphic work are equally characteristic and form the integral part of the operation of the Boridoda.


CATEGORY Store & Bar

DATE 2018

TEAM Ricshárd Orosz | Grace Grotesk

PHOTO Gergő Gosztom

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