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Fruccola MOM

Fruccola has been offering healthy foods and drinks made from fresh, quality ingredients in the capital for years. This year, after getting on the gastro map of Hungary, Fruccola opened a new store with fresh, cheerful and original solutions that matched their original image. As a pioneer of the fast casual genre in Budapest, Fruccola is reinterpreting the open space hospitality, reinforcing the restaurant’s community functions and its meeting place character, provided by furniture from manufacturers such as HAY, Magis or Fermob from VITRIN’s showroom concept. The character of this family-friendly community space which opened in MOM Park was inspired by nature and its unique colors following the display of locally grown fruits and vegetables, enhanced by the natural light flowing in through the vast glass surfaces. Graphic works are also defining elements of spatial design. The abstract patterns painted on the floor and wall bring mobility and dynamism to the space.

CATEGORY Restaurant

DATE 2017

TEAM György Zsigmond | Solinfo

PHOTO Tamás Bujnovszky

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