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Innio Gourmet Festival '18

The prestigious Gourmet Festival of 2018 took place in one of the most topical community meeting places in Budapest, the Millenáris, listing the leading representatives of the Hungarian gastronomic life, including Innio. Within the framework of the festival atmosphere, each participant was given a 4x2 meter wooden house, which allowed Innio to manifest its innovative gastronomic concept. Their courageous and forward-looking identity and way of thinking inspired us as well. We created a packaging-gesture from the endowments of the Puritan wooden house, which was intended to present their generous gastro-wine selection. An important criterion was that the use of materials represented recycled aspects. The result was our progressive installation of recycled foil, which reflects the essence of Innio's way of thinking. Our professional partner in constructive packaging was Layher Kft, and our creative team was strengthened by Dóri Zsigmond.


CATEGORY Installation

DATE 2018

TEAM Dóra ZSigmond | György Zsigmond

PHOTO Gergő Gosztom

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