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Mák Bistro

On the ground floor of a listed classicist building is the joint work of Dóra Fónagy and Panni Dávidházi – a trend researcher – MÁK bistro which has an "L" floor plan. The monarchical past of the house inspired the owner, Zoltán Benkő and Dóra, to develop a design strategic concept that goes back to traditional and manufactory roots. In the culinary and spatial concept, the same program was followed: the combination of tradition and contemporary art marked the main directions. The space is familiarly caring, apartment-scale, achieved by exploring the artistic value of the materials, the visible structures, the beauty of the stone and the old demolished wooden surfaces. During the design process, an important keyword was the term well-being, which appears in international trends.This expresses the increasingly consciously managed human need, the desire for relaxation. The idea of ​​providing experience as a service reinforced the use of honest objects and tools. A strategic element was also the plant installation to the arbor. With its presence, it transforms the classic look of the bar counter and makes the interior feel like a garden room.

CATEGORY Restaurant

DATE 2009

PHOTO Tamás Bujnovszky

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